Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1-year Anniversary of Absence

Hey. What’s up? Wow. The last time I made a blog here was exactly one year ago. I am coming back here to celebrate my 1-year absence of not using my blog. My bad. Why did I stop posting my cartoons? I don’t know. I think www.DeafRead.com and www.DeafVideo.tv made me neglect my personal blog and personal tasks. Alright! I should not finger-point at them. I admit that I have been addicted to DeafVideo for more than 1 year. I check out that dynamic ASL video networking site almost everyday. It beats watching tv shows! Anyway, I decided to return to srid4fun.blogspot.com and give it another try. I have many old cartoons I made for deaf-related publications in the past. I want to make a good use of them. Why not. Here are 2 cartoons. Enjoy them.

Many thanks for checking out my blog. Peace.