Monday, January 21, 2008

Bling-Bling Videophone Necklace Cartoon

This is a spot cartoon that I created for fun. I did it because there was an exciting news about a new videophone device called VPAD . A few weeks ago the announcement of the VPAD got the attention of the Deaf community and deaf, hard of hearing, & hearing individuals—including myself. I had to think of a cartoon related to that videophone device for SigNews. I did one and submitted a humorous artwork to that publication recently. But another idea for the cartoon popped in my mind. I decided to share this with you. It is a combination of a heavy gold chain and a portable, wireless videophone device wore by a hip-hop urban guy. He can go anywhere, show off his bling-bling thang, and holler at somebody on vp.

Hope you had a good Martin Luther King Day today. Peace.


Susan said...

It is interesting. Good work.

Deb Ann said...


I like the picture and your name of the blog!

Keep blogging!