Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Deaf Too?

Hey. What’s up?

A few days ago I got a videophone call from a deaf cartoonist. Yes, that Deaf cartoonist – the one who literally owns “That Deaf Cartoonist”. His name is Matt Daigle. He posts his cartoon in his blog every week. And his new cartoon is published in SIGNews every month. Matt and I knew each other from NTID/RIT. Anyway we had a very good talk about cartoon things on vp. He encouraged me to keep posting my cartoon or any drawings weekly. Naturally I agreed with Matt. After he mentioned one of my cartoons that he particularly liked, I thought it would be cool to show you one here.



Dianrez said...

That's very typical of the Deaf community! More cartoons, please! Do you do this for a living? Kudos,

Shawn Richardson said...

Dianrez, yeah, agreed. I am sure deafies and ASL users have that kind of experience - especially neighbors and employees. Ha. I do cartoons for my side job. I have a full-time job working as a graphic artist for Preservation magazine. I have a lot of old cartoons so one will be posted next week - maybe more.

adreanaline said...

more! more! :D