Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Cartoons (Late)


I was supposed to post my cartoon last Thursday. But I didn’t do it. Sorry. My bad. I think I was tired last week from being very busy at my job and not having a good night’s sleep. But now 2 cartoons are here.

I am a big fan of MMA fighter Matt Hamill. I first knew him years ago as a great RIT wrestler and a Deaflympics gold medalist. A few years ago, to my delight, I got to watch him as a contestant on a reality television show called The Ultimate Fighter. I drew a cartoon about Matt forgetting to do something before starting his wrestling in the Deaflympics.

I used to create cartoons about sports for Silent News years ago before that publication went out of business. When I did cartoons, I thought of diversity. And I still do. I like the idea of having characters of color and women. And I am into animal characters. In ’80s and ’90s we used to have hearing dogs for the deaf people. I remember that deaf people with hearing dogs had rights to go anywhere just like blind people and people with disabilities now do with their dogs. What about a basketball court?

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Carrie Solomon said...

Hi Shawn - Did you by any chance do a cartoon of an interpreter at a swimming pool when I was a student at Harvard? I would love that cartoon if you still have it?